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At Gravital, we believe less is better. Too much data and poor reports are just a drag on your time. It doesn't have to be that way. We have a process for streamlining your Google Analytics reporting for actionable insights.

We do this by dividing up your reporting into the four stages of RACE - Reach, Act, Convert, and Engage. It's designed to quickly tell you who is sending quality traffic, see what they're doing on your site or app, determine the best conversion tactics, and how to keep them coming back.


Put your free Google Analytics data to work today. We'll fix what's broken, configure it correctly, and create reporting specifically for what you need to see. If you never want to open up Google analytics again, we'll have the reports automatically emailed to you.

For a limited time, we're offering Google Analytics setup and configuration along with your email service for only $500! We'll even add filters for the biggest problem facing Google Analytics data reporting today - removing spam referrers at no additional cost!


Google Analytics RACE Reporting

The first of the four customer stages is the 'SEE' stage where we measure the effectiveness of your acquisition activities - SEO, PPC, Social, Referrers, Email and Campaigns. You will see your media mix effectiveness in terms of which activities are driving the most new users to your site. Optionally, we can connect your AdWords and other advertising services so you can keep an eye on CPA down to the individual ad level.
The second stage in the customer journey is the ACT, or interaction stage. This is the 'THINK' stage where we measure the effectiveness of keeping users interested in your product/service. You will see how engaged your users are on your content or products by looking at times on site/page/screen, what content they're most interested in, and how long they stay and how often they return. This will give you insights on what content and products are 'sticky' and perhaps those pages, screens or products that need more work.
The third of the four customer stages is one of the most important - conversions. This might be a sale, a signup, or a free trial. It's also known as the 'DO' stage. We set up goals in Google Analytics so that you can measure your conversion ratio to new and returning customers. In addition, you can see the paths they took to convert (the funnel). You can identify funnel 'leak' points where you are losing prospective customers. In addition, we'll configure reports to identify which referrers and pages are driving the most conversions. This allows you to see what's working and fix what isn't.
Keeping customers engaged, returning to your site or app, and ultimately referring new customers is the final. This is known as the Advocacy or 'CARE' stage of the journey. The reports focus on how often your customers are returning (or not). It provices you valuable information on what they're doing, what content they're consuming, and most importantly, what content/products they're sharing with others. The reports give you insights on when to send email blasts for maximum impact, and to identify those customers who have become inactive so you can state a re-engagement drip campaign.

Clear End-to-end Reports

Our analytics process is lean and agile, providing you with just the key metrics you need at each of the four stages of the customer journey - acquisitions, activity, conversions and retention. Instead of wading through reports wondering what to do next, we'll set up your Google Analytics account to deliver reports that clearly show you what's working and what's not.

Read About our Process

Our GA Setup Process

1. Account Configuration

Set up Property-level features, add your analytics.js code, and create a marketing view.

2. Add Necessary Filters

There are up to nine filters needed for clean data, including the option to filter spam referrals.

3. Connect Your Email Service

We'll connect your email service so that you can see the impact of your email campaigns.

4. Configure Reporting Dashboards

We'll set up automated reporting based on your business model using the RACE model.

5. Test and Tutorial

Finally, we'll check everything out and give you a tutorial on how to find insights in your reports.

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