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For a limited time, we're providing referral spam filtering setup for up to two Google Analytics properties per client.


We recently wrote an article entitled Removing Ghosts, Creepy Crawlers and Evil Spiders from Your Data on Medium. We received a lot of questions about the setup, so we've decided to offer our services to set up your spam filters for FREE!

We've been working with Google Analytics for a long time. Our analysts are professionals. They're all certified in Google Analytics, and we strive to provide the best solutions to help our clients find those nuggest of insights in their data to help their teams drive growth.


In order for you and your team to gain valuable customer insights, you need to make sure your gauges are tuned correctly. This requires timely and accurate data. Referral spam is one of the biggest traffic data skewing problems on Google Analytics today.

If you're relying on your Google Analytics data to make intelligent business decisions (and you should be), then make sure your data is as clean as possible. We'll set up your referral spam filters correctly so that you can have complete confidence in traffic numbers.


Referral spam is getting much worse!

There are an increasing number of unscrupulous companies that are pretending to visit your site to get their name listed as pushing referrer traffic to you, but they're not. They're fooling Google Analytics into reporting that they are. Why? Well, they want traffic and exposure. By showing up on millions of Google Analytics reports, they generate a lot of traffic from unwary people going to visit their site. It's wrong, it's annoying, and it's skewing your actual traffic numbers. Google hasn't come out with a solution yet, so we're here to help.
If you’re relying on traffic metrics, it’s absolutely essential to filter out this spam, and do it correctly. Simple filters do not work as ghost spammers do not actually hit your website. In addition, if you’re adding a secondary dimension or applying an Advanced Segment, GA will go back to that unfiltered data to rerun your report, then filter the results for your specific view. This is not what you want
Fake referrers are pretending to link to you as legitimate referral sources. Again, do not click on these links! Most people try to filter the domain, but this doesn’t work as we need to be able to filter on a full referral string. The best way to do this is to identify these bogus referrers is to look for a referral campaign Source tag with a matching domain. (See this article on Campaign Tagging for more on this subject.)
Fortunately, Google keeps a list of Web bots (the good ones) which you can exclude from your reports. This is a start, but it doesn’t completely remove the problem. Even though these are good bots, we suggest keeping them out of your reports because they do not represent the traffic (humans) you wish to monitor. These filters will prevent a majority of spam referrers, but we can add additional .htaccess filters for misbehaving bots if it becomes a significant enough problem.

Do these look familiar?

Check your referrers: Open your GA account, click on the Reporting tab at the top, then navigate to Acquisition > All Traffic > Referrers in the left menu. We'll set up the needed filters to rid your Google Analytics account of this pesky and growing problem.

Our Spam Filter Setup Steps

1. Set up a Test View

Per best practices, we'll set up a test view for your filters to ensure they're working properly.

2. Create the Valid Hostname Filter

We'll search and discuss with you which sites are valid users of your GA tracking code.

3. Create the Exclude Hostname Filter

We'll exclude all the known spammers as well as those that are appearing in your reports.

4. Turn on Search Bot Filtering

We'll turn on the configuration to exclude bot and crawler traffic from your reporting.

5. Optional Weekly Updates

Most people can take it from there, but we can also provide weekly spam site updates too!

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