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Our analytics process simplifies your decision making

How analytics is done at the smartest companies:

Most companies are paralyzed with the amount of data at their disposal. Smart companies provide their teams with incredible insight, using Lean Startup principles. The key is focusing on a few key metrics that are critical for growth. Our model uses four sets of customer-focused feedback loops that we've named Active Analytics Loops. It delivers more of those 'AHA' moments.

It's Three Things: Acquisition, Behavior and Outcomes:

A great analytics process delivers insights on three things: user acquisition, user behavior and target outcomes. You need to know which channels are driving traffic, what your users are doing while on your site or app, and what drives growth. Our Active Analytics Loops process is based on an iterative optimization cycle focused on creating an awesome customer experience.

Identify the growth drivers - those few that really matter:

We obsess on a few KPIs that mean the most to your success. For example, your CAC is critical in the acquisition stage. With an overreaching CAC goal, you can eliminate activities or campaigns that do not drive optimum CAC. We also work with clients to develop KPIs for the four phases of a customer's lifecycle.

Our analytics setup begins with your business objectives:

First, we sit down with key stakeholders to identify your business drivers. Next, we distill all the feedback from an initial discovery session down to a few KPIs, and set goals for each. From there, we create a central Tracking Plan. This drives the process your team needs to stay in the race.

Gravital's data-driven ecosystem setup in a nutshell:

The RACE Digital Marketing Strategy Framework


R.A.C.E. defines the four stages of the customer lifecycle - Reach, Act, Convert, and Engage.

Our Active Analytics Loops model measures how your tactics are working, and assesses their value in each stage.


Attracting people to your brand. Top-of-funnel activities geared around a person's SEE stage. Reach Loops help you to answer questions such as:

How are people finding out about our site/app?

Which marketing activities are driving the most visitors/installs?

What is it costing us to get new customers?

Which campaigns are working to drive the highest quality customers?

Are our SEO efforts cost effective?

How can we drive more traffic volume?

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC Search Engine Campaigns
  • Display Advertising Campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Affiliate Campaigns
  • Influencer/Partner Outreach


Persuading users to take the next step. Middle-of-funnel activities geared around a person's THINK stage. Act Loops help you to answer questions such as:

Are we providing relevant content to people?

Do our entry pages/screens provide the right messages to users?

What pages/screens are most popular to our visitors?

Which pages/screens have the biggest opportunity for improvement?

What is our ROI of improving various page/screen types?

How well is our internal search working?

  • Content (online and downloadable)
  • Blogging Campaign and Guest Posts
  • Online Videos and Webinars
  • Case Studies and Downloads
  • Product Comparisons and Reviews
  • Online Live Chat & User Surveys


Providing value to turn users into leads and customers. Bottom-of-funnel activities geared around a person's DO stage. Convert Loops help you to answer questions such as:

Which channels are driving the highest conversions/installs?

Which products features and reviews are driving higher sales?

How many customers are we losing in our checkout/purchase process?

Which calls to action are spurring the most user registrations?

Which pages/screens are driving the highest conversion rates?

What is the best campaign schedule to convert interested users?

  • Landing Pages and CTAs
  • In-App Purchases/Ad Clicks
  • Basket Adds/Wish List & Purchases
  • Trial Signup CTAs and Forms
  • Mailing List CTAs and Forms
  • Up-sells, cross-sells, related sells


Building relationships that inspire advocacy. Customer retention activities are geared around a person's CARE stage. Engage Loops help you to answer questions such as:

What are customers doing on our site/app?

Are customers completing our site/app objectives?

How do customers with a specific trait behave?

How long does it take for a person to complete a task?

How much of my content are our customers sharing?

How are our customer reviews working to drive referrals?

  • New Customer Drip Campaigns
  • Onboarding and Quick-start content
  • Content and Live Chat Support
  • Advocacy (Ratings, shares, etc.)
  • Referral programs & Incentives
  • Re-engagement emails & notifications

Gravital also provides in-depth data analysis & insights services.

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