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Using RACE to navigate the track.

Attribution modeling changes everything. We’re spending our money more efficiently than we were before. We know what we’re getting for it.

Joe Meier, vice president business development, Baby Supermall

Our Active Analytics Loops model delivers key insights along the four stages of the customer lifecycle.

Gravital's analytics model is based on Avinash Kaushik's four customer phases - SEE, THINK, DO and CARE, coupled with Dr. Dave Chaffey's R.A.C.E. Digital Marketing framework - REACH, ACT, CONVERT, and ENGAGE. We look at data from feedback along each customer journey stage using a model that we have named Lean Analytics Loops. You can read the full story here. We call this a 360-degree view, or end-to-end analytics.

To determine what's working at each stage, first we work with clients to make sure they are measuring what matters - their key business drivers with a proper tracking plan. For each stage of the customer journey, we use a minimal set of feedback loops tied to goals. By analyzing just a few key metrics at each stage, we can determine the value of the tactics being implemented by marketing and development teams. By testing and mesauring to see what tactics are working (or not) in a continuous process, we can determine how best to drive growth. This model serves as the basis for iterative experimentation, or what some call growth hacking.


Gravital's Advanced Analysis Services

Lean Analytics require just a few key measures along the customer journey stages.

Yet there are times when more in-depth analysis is required. Here are a few areas in which we excel.

REACH - Improving your reach and driving quality traffic

  • Compare visitor traffic to actual search demand
  • Review the value v. volume of visitors by referrer
  • Segment traffic to determine high-value visitor sources
  • Analyze search efficiency compared to investment
  • Perform a keyphrase gap analysis

REACH - Measuringing campaigns and media performance

  • Review which marketing activities are driving visitors
  • Segment traffic to determine how well campaigns are performing
  • Analyze assisted conversions by social referrals
  • Perform contribution analysis using multichannel funnels (MCFs)
  • Factor in the influence of offline channels and tracking

ACT - Optimizing opportunity when you have their attention

  • Perform an overview of paths and actions taken on the site
  • Analyze site entry pages and relevance from referral sources
  • Review page types and their importance to user entry
  • Compare search terms used and relationship to content
  • Analyze content drilldown behavior and ToP metrics
  • Check the factors leading to underperforming pages
  • Perform an ROI analysis of improving page types

CONVERT - Increasing conversions AND micro-conversions

  • Perform a overview of opportunities to increase conversions
  • Review product and service categories in the conversion path
  • Analyze high-conversion and low-conversion categories
  • Check for sources or errors and error page visits
  • Review event flow on the path to conversion pages
  • Analyze exit pages on multi-page steps such as checkout
  • Review form conversions and uncompleted form exits

ENGAGE - Improving an engaging customer experience

  • Analyze visitor types compared to behavior and conversions
  • Review the recency and frequency of returning customers
  • Check platforms, locations and demographics for personas
  • Perform multiple segmentations on high-value customers
  • Review various cohort analyses and churn rate
  • Calculate average purchase revenue and repeat purchases

Analysis and reporting for executives and investors

  • Calculate overall reach and campaign performance (CPA)
  • Calculate and report overall Conversion Rates
  • Calculate and report Average Order Value and Revenue per Customer
  • Calculate Lifetime Values (CLV) v. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Report on high-value customers (HVC) and their referral sources
  • Calculate and report overall program ROI performance

Provide a complete picture of your program's performance.

Focus your team with the insight they need to succeed.

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Gravital can assist with vendor and tool evaluations, tools integration, as well as data consolidation, privacy, warehousing, and governance.