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Are your digital analytics up to speed?


Hyper-local targeting gets us within 1km locally on mobile

Better Tracking.

We reliably manage event tracking, campaign tagging, and provider tags with modern solutions designed for speed and scale.

Connected Data.

We break the barriers to customer data across marketing platforms and third-party data so you can accurately target the right people.

Real-time Bidding helps us maximize ROI
We take care of all the reporting so you don't have to.

Improved ROI.

We increase return on marketing with more accurate attribution reports by connecting online and offline data to create a unified view of the customer.

Insights Inspire Us. Data Guides Us.

Gravital overcomes the biggest analytics challenges.

The Insights Challenge

Most businesses have invested in becoming data driven, yet 81% are not satisfied with the insights their tools provide. We help clients leverage their data with goals, a plan, and a process to reveal valuable insights from Google Analytics and other popular tools.

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The Expertise Challenge

The top challenge posed by D&A is having the capabilities needed to fully leverage their assets (only 14% of companies report having the talent). We provide affordable tactical and strategic analysis using Google Analytics and other popular tools.

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The Data Quality Challenge

The third biggest challenge to delivering value from data is that 58% of organizations have difficulties evaluating data quality and reliability. We improve data quality by integrating tools, consolidating data and implementing a proper data governance plan.

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Get the Insights Needed to Drive Growth

We use a proven model to help clients get to insights using end-to-end data from the customer funnel.


1. Focus on a few key business drivers

Point your team in the right direction
Marketers and developers thrive on seeing their improvements work. To do that, they need to know the key drivers that attract and engage users. Show your team the finish line, and then free them to get creative.


2. Create hypotheses and experiment

Give them a needle to push up the dial
Nothing is more thrilling than seeing an experiment work. Testing hypotheses requires precise feedback loops. Using goal-based metrics, your team can course correct, build momentum, and push the envelope.


3. Measure your performance and repeat

Power their sprint to the finish line
Top performance in any race requires vision, team execution, and endurance. And an analytics turbo boost won't hurt. We'll put accurate gauges on the dashboard. The checkered flag is up to you and your team.

Set up your analytics reporting to encourage experimentation.

Hire an experienced and certified team of analytics and data experts.

Our insights help you drive more conversions.

Put the power of RACE digital marketing strategy to work.

With RACE, we're able to measure KPIs at the four key stages of the customer journey.


SEE Stage




DO Stage


CARE Stage

Gravital provides expertise in the following areas:

Analytics Process & Tool Configuration

Metrics Analysis & Insights Services

Tools & Data Integration

Client Business
Drivers Reviews

Business Objectives

Strategies & Tactics

Who, What, When and Why

Tracking Plans
& Outcomes Values

Campaigns and Channels

Behavior Triggered Events

Conversion Targets & Values

Tags, Reports
& Team Dashboards

Create & Install Tracking Code

Tools & Data Integrations

Reporting Configurations

Market Reach &
Acquisition Analysis

Traffic Mix & Volume Review

Channel Performance Analysis

MCF Attribution Modeling

User Interaction
& Behavior Analysis

Entry Pages and Bounce Rate

Time on Page & Time on Site

Site Overlay/Path Review

Conversion Performance
& Outcomes Analysis

Landing and CTA Performance

Conversion Path Segmentation

Macro and Micro Conversions

Customer Value
& Retention Analysis

Net Promoter Scoring

Voice of the Customer Analysis

Churn, CAC:CLV Ratio and ROI

Tools, Data and
Systems Integration

Vendor & Tool Evaluations

Multiple Systems Integration

Data Management & Governance

A few of the digital platforms we're experienced with.
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1. The physics of attraction.
2. A force exterted between two bodies.
3. The analytics firm that delivers performance metrics.
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